Modern design and manufacturing techniques have enabled the LCR range of polystyrene capacitors to be rerated to the new British Standard as follows: 30, 63, 160, 400 and 630 Volts.

All capacitors except those in the 7mm size are marked with capacitance, tolerance, working voltage and manufacturing code date. The 7mm types are marked with capacitance and tolerance only.

Alternative sizes are available and capacitors with different ratios of length to diameter can be supplied on request, but users are advised that greater reliability, stability and resistance to humidity can be obtained by specifying the largest physical size possible. Other voltage ranges, up to 5000V are available and details of these will be available on request.

It should be noted that as the outer casing of these capacitors is formed from polystyrene it is liable to bedamaged by contact with industrial solvents and cleaning agents. if in doubt please contact the LCR Sales Office. When ordering the HS type, customersare asked to adopt the following system:

HS Capacitance /Tolerance – Working Voltage e.g. HS 150p/2.5-7/30.